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Legal Notice & Advertisement Production Department

Legal notice and advertisement production is the main business of the Company. The main areas for these kinds of services, include advertising legal notice on various newspapers, such as Winding-up Statutory Demand Notice, Bankruptcy Petition Notice, Bankruptcy Statutory Demand notice, Substitute Service Notice, Divorce Petition Notice, etc. Besides, the Company also produces other legal advertisements in some other countries, such as Republic of China ("PRC"), United States of America, Canada and some Asian countries. If you have any queries in respect of the Company's services, please feel free to contact our professional staff for an information. The members of the Company are welcome for any queries and surely they will offer you help and assistance. Most the customers of the Company are the Solicitors' firms in Hong Kong. The Company offers to its customers with the quality guarantee service in a reasonable price. The Company's main services, mainly, includes drafting the contents of the legal notice, producing micro-films, proof-reading, delivering of the same to the Company's customers' selected press.



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