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Company Background

Wai & Ho Co. Ltd. main objective is to provide immense quality of advertising services to our clients. We specialize in developing and production of ready to use advertisements, drafting and publication of legal notices in newspapers. To supplement the company’s services, we have recently established individual departments for Company Registration respectively

Wai & Co. ("Company") is based in Hong Kong and has been in the trade for more than 12 years. Since 1991, our Legal notice and advertisement Production Department has been providing advertising services to our clients. In order to grow in par with our clients needs, we have recently established our Company Setting up and Registration Department.

Legal notice and advertisement production Our produce and advertise legal notices (such as Winding-up Statutory Demand Notice, Bankruptcy Petition Notice, Bankruptcy Statutory Demand notice, Substitute Service Notice, Divorce Petition Notice, etc.) in newspapers in Hong Kong as well as elsewhere including China of China ("PRC"), United States of America, Canada and other Asian countries. If you have any queries about our services, please feel free to contact our professional staff for information. We welcome any questions and we will try our best to help and assist.

Most of our clients are solicitors firms in Hong Kong. We provide our clients with quality services at a reasonable price. We draft on their behalf legal notices, including the making of microfilms, proofreading and arranging publication of the notices in accordance with the selected choices.

China became a member of World Trade Organization ("WTO") in 2001. It is expected that international trade will grow continuously in the coming years. To meet our clients?needs, we have established a additional departments, namely, Company Setting up and Registration Department.

Our Company Setting up and Registration Department, deal with setting up and registration of companies in Hong Kong and overseas.



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